Transfereuim Crypto Features

Why Choose Transfereuim

Transfereuim Crypto aim to bring transferring money world to blockchain network to make faster money transferring , more security for people and other feaaturs.

Money Transferring

With Transfereuim you can send and recieve your funds easily and with low fees and better commision insted of paying on swift banks and credit cards fees.

For using and trading

Tranfereuim will offer many exchanges and merchants around the to use TRN token and trade TRN with other pairs as BTC/ETH/LTC and even more cryptocurrency pairs.

For buy products and ecommere

You will can use TRN to buy and sell products online with other users around the world beside credit card and bank account.

Hyper program

Earn more by investing in our company.

Track and analaysing

Transfereuim team are tracking TRN project always to make it successfull.

Start Sharing your Referral Link

Start sharing your referral link to make this community bigger!.

Start Earning From Affiliate System

Transfereuim project offer system that will allow for user earn from Affiliate system.

Modern crypto

Transfereuim offer blockchain network!.

Transfereuim crypto offer modern blockchain network that make money transferring easier and more relax for customers.

Fast and secure

TRANSFEREUIM based blockchain technology that is more secure and very fast in transfaring money.

Brings More Transparency And Speed

With TRANSFEREUIM all thing in transparent from begin to end.

Special For Multiple Use Capabilities

Any person in any place and every time can use TRN.
ICO Distribution

Our ICO Distribution

This is TRN ICO Distrubtion for project.

Funds Allocation

Project Distribution

Our Project Roadmap

Our ICO Roadmap

TRANSFEREUIM project and team roadmap

This roadmap will be updated auto when goals completed

10 May 2020
Start Pre ICO

10th May 2020 Transfereuim project start Pre ICO when 1 ETH = 1000 TRN to make a chance for early inestors to invest in TRN project

10 Jun 2020
Finish Pre ICO and start listing on DEX exchanges

After Pre ICO stage TRN team will start list TRN on DEX exchanges to open first trading pairs than mean early users who buy early can trade TRN with BTC/ETH/LTC and even more.

12 Jun 2020
Start ICO stage 1 , listing on exchanges and start airdrop programm

Start ICO stage 1 in Transfereuim Project when 1 ETH = 700 TRN to allow users who didnt buy tokens to buy and listing on other exchanges

13 Jun 2020
Finish ICO stage 1 , start stage 2 and listing on other exchanges

Finish ICO stage 1 and start stage 2 when 1 ETH = 500 TRN with listing on other cex exchanges